Beyond Gaming: The Industries That Are Utilising Virtual Reality

Beyond Gaming: The Industries That are Utilising Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has been taking the world by storm ever since its creation.

While many people will associate virtual reality with gaming, one of the most impressive things about VR technology is the fact that so many different industries can utilise it. Here are some of the industries that are taking advantage of virtual reality and using it to help grow their business!

The Healthcare Sector


An essential industry which has been vital over the last year, the healthcare sector is one industry that is making the most of VR technology. Through virtual reality, healthcare workers can help their patients in several ways, with one example being through the ‘Bravemind’ project.  

Bravemind is a computer system which uses VR tech to recreate stressful events for ex-US activist who are treated mental strain after their time spent in Afghanistan or Iraq. Used as a form of exposure therapy, this method has proven  effective in gaining a range of phobias and disorders. This is just one example of how virtual reality is helping industries thrive in new, innovative ways.  

The Property Sector


Another key industry which has benefitted massively from VR technology is the property sector. The recent example of a company who have utilised virtual reality is  RWinvest, the UK-based property investment company who specialise in off-plan buy to let apartments. This company, amongst many others, have been using VR for a while to help sell properties to overseas clients, but it wasn’t until the Covid-19 kicked that virtual reality competition such a vital tool for their business.  

With the UK, and many other countries worldwide, being restricted to their homes and unable to travel, real-life property viewings were off the cards for a number of months. With the help of VR and computer-generated imagery, property companies like RWinvest were able to offer investors ‘virtual tours ’ of their developments, either with 360 software or a file that investors could view on their own VR headsets. This has allowed the property sector to continue thriving throughout the time of uncertainty, and allowed many investors to secure their next deal safely.  

The Education Sector


The education sector is yet another major industry which has been used virtual reality for the greater good. Used throughout all age groups, teachers are utilising VR technology in schools and other institutions as a way to offer a more immersive and interactive learning experience to their students. It is suggested that by  using VR in education, students may be more likely to learn due to being more engaged with the subject.  

enhancing it ’s visiting different parts of the world that they wouldn’t normally have access to, or seeing new experiences from a first-hand perspective, more and more schools and educational institutions are experimenting with virtual reality as a new tool for learning.  

Do you work in an industry which has started using virtual reality? Comment below to share your thoughts on this technology and whether or not you’d think VR has been protecting your business in some way.  

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