Yet More Games To Keep You Busy In Lockdown

Yet More Games To Keep You Busy In Lockdown

The coronavirus is spreading, and a second wave has already been announced in many countries

So while you’ll sit in your homes not allowed to be in a social group of more than 6, here are 6 games you can try which will make the time pass a little more differently. All the games from this selection are somehow related to viruses or epidemics.

The Last of Us Part II


A cult game of 2020, which is almost the main argument of consoles against the PC. Exclusive to PS4. The plot follows Ellie and Joel making their way through the alleged US, which has been destroyed by an outbreak of a zombie virus. The gameplay very story-driven, you will be amazed by graphic design and animations. You should try this game while at home.

Resident Evil 2


A great game that has been on the list of the most atmospheric survival horrors for a long time. The last installments in the series were no longer as we were before, and, in principle, were not scary and not interesting. Except for the controversial RE 7, where the idea of giving the game a first-person view was interesting, but not necessary. But 2019, Capcom pleased fans with the remake of the RE2. This is a full-fledged game.

Ammunition is physically small, and enemies inspire such fear that you are lost in thoughts of what to do, run or shoot. Enemies move so unpredictably and chaotic that it is impossible to guess where to shoot. In short, the game instills fear and helplessness and has a unique atmosphere, mixed with nostalgic feelings for old gamers.

Online pokies and other casino games

In 2020, the topic of online casinos is very relevant. Many people stay at home during quarantine having lost their earnings and are not able to work remotely. Because of this, people are mired in debt and are looking for an easy way to make money by resorting to online casinos in the hope of hitting the jackpot in one of the many pokie games on the gambling sites like this one –Top pokie machines.

But before you’ll try to play at an online casino, you should get it into your head that first of all this is not a way of earning money, but entertainment that may not suit you.

It is worth noting that online gambling ratings skyrocketed in 2020 due to the lawsuit.

Dying Light


The game of 2015, which does not lose its relevance to this day. In three words, this game can be described as “Parkour and Zombies”. The parkour system is quite interesting and looks very impressive. At first glance, zombies do not instill fear at all, and some are not dangerous, exactly until night falls. In this game, the time of day decides a lot, and the gameplay directly depends on it.



Dishonored is a first-person action RPG with steampunk elements. The game takes place in the plague-ridden fictional city of Dunwall, inspired by Victorian London. The protagonist of the game, Lord Protector Corvo Attano, after being banned of murdering the Empress and escaping from prison, tries to take revenge on his enemies by allegedly a rebel group that plans to overthrow the Lord Regent and give power to Princess Emilia. Corvo acts as an assassin, whose task in each mission is to find and kill a certain character. In addition to a huge arsenal of different weapons, Corvo also possesses supernatural powers.

The key feature of the game is the non-linearity completion of levels: each mission can be completed in many ways, both by engaging in battle with various variations, and by acting stealthily and reaching detection, and absolutely all of Corvo’s actions lead to certain consequences, which at the end of the game will affect the ending.

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